(collaboration with Mark D. Roberts)
Traces of an Existence and Shadows as Proof began as complimentary studies in black and white – the silhouette of the figure, the draping of fabric, and the use of positive and negative space.  For Traces of an Existence we wanted to work with a stark white figure inspired by classical marble sculptural forms. As we worked on this catacomb different associations of human experiences came to mind. For me it was my visit to Pompeii and the casts taken of the cavities left by the people who perished in the ash. For Mark, it was the Holocaust, which has a strong presence throughout a lot of his work.  For someone else who saw the piece it was Hiroshima. In any case, we find it most rewarding to collaborate on a piece from different perspectives, not knowing where it will take us

  • medium: earthenware clay mummy sculptures in repurposed letterpress (California job) cases.
  • dimensions: 16" x 32"