I create archaeological vignettes and relics in clay and mixed media. I am fascinated by how we piece together obscure artifacts and fragments of a story to create a narrative in which we find a place for ourselves. It may give us reassurance and guidance or leave us with uncomfortable truths that we would rather keep buried.  

I work with materials in unexpected ways, search for beauty in the imperfect, and give new life to objects that are past their lifespan. I stretch clay until it cracks, or even breaks, and  enhance its textural wounds. I am drawn to the chameleon-like power of clay and juxtapose it with found materials so I can both explore and obscure the dialogue and space among objects that are simulated, real and reimagined. 

I want my pieces to feel as though they have been uncovered rather than created. Ultimately, I hope my work invites others to wonder and create stories.