(Collaboration with Mark D. Roberts)

Mark and I are both drawn to allegory and symbolism. We also like to explore how these elements may be presented in new contexts.  Symbols play a significant role in our daily lives. We may not even be consciously aware of the emotions they may stir in us. They are a strong component of many ideologies and beliefs and have the ability to transmit powerful messages (both positive and negative).  They can be regarded as inclusive or exclusive, they can hold multiple meanings, and their message can even change over time.

When I made the mummies for this piece I first drew out all the cells onto paper and sculpted nearly twice as many mummies as necessary to fill them. After the mummies were painted I spent about a month climbing up and down a 12’ foot ladder studying the figures like a puzzle -arranging them into intricate relationships, rhythms and patterns while trying to avoid a sense of predictability.

  • medium: earthenware clay mummy sculptures in repurposed letterpress (California job) cases.
  • dimensions: 77” x 133”
  • Crucifix is currently on display in the chapel at Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota